What are brands' purpose, vision, and mission & why should you care

Did you know that we are more likely to be attracted to brands that make us feel special or that share one of our personal goals? Yes, that's right. We do like to think

we are rational, but the truth is that we all want to be part of something bigger and to connect.

The way to make people connect to your brand is to be clear about it why, how, and what you do. For example, let's say you decided to start working out, the purpose (why) is to feel more confident and to take care of your health, the vision (what) is to get into a fitness routine that will feel good and achieve results without being burdensome, and the mission (how) is to find help to navigate this journey by hiring a coach that will hold you accountable.

Now let's break down each of these statements to better understand how you should be working on your brands' purpose, vision, and mission.

The Purpose

The purpose is why your brand exists besides making money. It is the greatest hope you have for your brand and why you serve a higher purpose. It's the start point of a journey.

Youngishs' purpose - Create impactful and powerful messages through design that will ultimately transform brands and the way people relate to it.

The Vision

David Uzochukwu - Emergency Exit

The vision is what you want to accomplish. What transformation you want to offer to your customer; why you do what you do every day to fulfill your purpose. Think of the results will be if you stay dedicated to your vision.

Youngish's vision - Our vision is to capture our clients' dreams, feelings, and ideas, and translate that into visual designs that will create a positive experience to their end consumers in such a way that will make them want more.

The Mission

The mission is how you will make your vision come true. How will you get from point A to point B? Which choices are you making now that will help you fulfill your purpose?

Youngish's mission - We want to empower our clients through creativity, by expressing their essence as a brand authentically and uniquely, that impact and connect with their end consumer.

Your brand's purpose, vision, and mission when connected should generate an impact that will matter to others and make your audience understand what you stand for as a brand and why they should be part of its community.

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